Over the years, Streamline built a great reputation in construction plumbing specifications for all sizes of projects. Streamlines imports plumbing accessories from Robern who is the leader in the residential storage solutions, creating cabinets, vanities, mirrors, lighting and accessories for the bathrooms, hallways, foyers, and more. Robern pioners developement of the personal vanity environment by providing stylish designs, attractive finish options and innovatiives features.

Robern cabinet boast aluminium-framed construction that is both sturdy and rust-free, offering the highest level of quality and durability in storage for bathrooms and elsewhere.

Robern seperates themself by being:

  • The Amreican pioneer of high end mirroed bath cabinetry
  • The cabinets are modular. They may be surface mounted, semi-recessed or recessed
  • Robern has been a Kohler company since 1995
  • Recent product launches includes Decorative M, Cold Storage, Reflexion Mirror and Uplift!

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